Flying Pig Marathon

2023 Queen Bee Half Marathon

October 12th - 14th, 2023
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Your participation as a volunteer is based on your acknowledgement of and agreement to the following conditions: Read this form carefully before agreeing. Volunteer work for a marathon is a potentially hazardous activity. A volunteer should not participate unless medically and physically able to participate. Each volunteer assumes all risks associated with volunteering for this event, including but not limited to the effects of weather, traffic, course conditions and course surfaces, falls, and contact with other volunteers, runners and spectators. I am aware that medical support for this event will be provided by volunteer personnel who may be called upon to provide assistance, including first aid, to me as a volunteer during or after the event. I authorize any such volunteer to assist me or to perform such assistance as in the opinion of such person may be necessary or appropriate. I for myself and any person entitled to act on my behalf, do hereby release, waive, indemnify and hold harmless The Cincinnati Marathon, Inc., Flying Pig Marathon, the Cities of Cincinnati, Newport, Covington, Fairfax, all sponsors, volunteers, charities, marathon staff, directors and officers, together with their subsidiaries, successors, heirs, contractors, subcontractors, directors, officers, agents, attorneys, representatives and employees from all claims or liabilities, demands, controversies, damages or actions of any kind and character whatsoever arising from my participation in the Marathon or any of its allied or accompanying events. I consent to the use of my image in photos, video and audio recording, film, of my participation in all Marathon events and waive and release any claims from the use of such photos, video and audio recording of my activities in these events.